Saturday, February 7, 2015

The 5 Minute LO Challenge That Took Too Long

Hi, everyone!  I'm here today with a new challenge for me.  Crafty YTer, Maggie Mylow, asked her Facebook followers to complete a 5-Minute LO Challenge.  I'd never actually done one, so I knew it'd be a challenge.  The bigger part of that being the five-minute time limit.  Once you do anything for camera or official reasons, time automatically moves faster than expected.  Just cutting or gluing does actually take more time for must be the pressure?  Otherwise I am more conscious of myself when it is for official reasons.
I put my camera on to film, so curiosity and formal reasons of timing...and it took me about 12 minutes.  So it really did take twice as much time (and a little extra).  Here are the reasons why:

  1. I failed to trim my photo and base paper before starting.
  2. I decided to use watercolour blotting and had to dry it (that took almost 3 minutes).
  3. I had to choose three different alphas for my title.
  4. Instead of using thickers, I chose other chipboard alphas that need to popped out and then have the backs peeled off.
  5. For my letter ''i'', I used an enamel dot rather than the plain old circle dot that came with it.
Do I wish I could have had more time?  Yes.  Could I add more embellishments?  Of course.  Am I happy with the finished LO.  100%.  

Maggie also had questions for us for feedback (I didn't read them until after I finished my LO):

1. How long did you take to pull your products? About 5 minutes.
2. What sort of products did you pull? Paper, alphas, Watercolour Paint and Pen, Tag, Punched Hearts.
3. Were you making a plan for the 5 minute layout as you were pulling your products? No, otherwise I definitely would have opted out on the watercolouring splotching... lol.
4. Did you time yourself doing the challenge? Yes, I filmed it on the camera for official purposes (I might have cheated otherwise. LOL.)
5. Did you finish your layout in the 5 minutes given? If not, how much longer did it take? What sort of finishing touches did you make to “finish” the page off? No, it took 12 minutes. I didn't stop, just kept on going. The hearts were probably the finishing touches.
6. How did you feel after you finished the 5 minutes? Doubting the use of watercolours and the choice in alphas, but I had a plan and didn't want to change that.
7. Did you like how your page turned out? Yes!
8. Would you do the challenge again? or was it too stressful? Yes, I would do it again. I will know how to tweak my process beforehand or switch the picture if I didn't want to change my envisioned LO.

An afterthought, I probably would have taken 30 minutes to do the exact same LO normally. Bwahhhahaha...

Here is the LO and a close-up:

I'll post the YT video link when it's uploaded.  Be sure to check out Maggie's podcast - it's sure to be a good one.  Thanks so much!!  I like doing something other than cards once in a while!  


Products used:  Base Paper (Studio Calico Abroad - Locals), Vellum Paper (Daiso), Alphas (Pink Paislee, Basic Grey), Punch (Martha Stewart - Heart Confetti), Watercolour Paint, Watercolour Pen.  

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